ERP to ECM Connectivity

ERP, LOB and Mainframe systems are the backbone of many typical businesses. These costly and complex solutions produce the majority of data and transactional documentation in an organisation, but they are difficult to access. These ‘closed’ systems present many challenges when outputting information and transactional documents. Despite advances in technology, working from an ERP system makes printing, mailing, posting to the web and connecting to EDI still difficult. This is where advanced middleware software such as Connect becomes so valuable.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Once transactional documents have been produced by an ERP system, the challenge is how to get them back into an ECM and extract value. Because Connect pulls information from many print streams, the data is indexed and then intelligently placed back into the ECM. In this manner workflows and approvals can now be triggered with ease, allowing for a variety of business processes to be automated. Thanks to the power and simplicity of Connect, even e-transactional documents can be made available to the ECM.

In effect, Connect is integrated with both the ERP and the ECM technologies to create seamless and true multi-channel communication for the enterprise. With this functionality many benefits are derived, processes are automated, the customer experience is enhanced, and the bottom line of the business is improved.

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Benefits Of Using Connect


Improved Productivity Through Automation

  • Automated workflows created through innovative thinking produce increased levels of productivity throughout the workplace
  • Innovative automation of business document processing reduces or eliminates labour intensive tasks
  • Innovative automation of business document management releases value from information within an organisation improving and optimising communication and reporting enterprise-wide

Enhanced Communication

  • Customer experience is enhanced and improved through the use of interactive documents, personal web portals, easy online payment options and integrated mobile communication technologies.
  • Business document automation reduces risk and ensures the reliability and integrity of all data and documentation

Reduced Mail Costs

  • Automated business document processing reduces postal costs by only printing and posting what is required
  • Less paper is consumed as only the necessary items are printed
  • Duplicate mailings are avoided as mailings can be combined automatically
  • All mail sent out is digitally archived before printing and sending

Reduced Labour Costs

  • Connect manages many manual tasks eliminating the need for labour
  • Eliminating labour reduces the risk of human error
  • Connect increases staff productivity and improves efficiency

“Black Box” Solution

  • Connect allows for document or process improvements without the need to change or replace core application or legacy systems
  • Current staff work routines remain the same or are improved
  • Connect integrates with existing ERP and other business solutions and adds value through functionality
  • Connect is printer agnostic and works with most existing hardware

Scalable Solution

  • Connect can grow with your company
  • Connect adapts to strategic directional changes

Case Studies

Connect has been successfully implemented in many organisations, bringing improvements to their document management processes, enhancing customer experience and improving the bottom line.

Connect - The UK's Trusted Business Process Automation Software site

Connect – The UK's Trusted Business Process Automation Software site