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Nippon Express


Nippon Express offers sophisticated logistical solutions backed by the world largest global logistics network and highly trained human resources with well-organised support from their own IT system. Nippon Express continues to be one of the world’s leading global logistics provider offering tailor-made services to best suit their clients’ everyday needs.


Production and printing of customised documents, automated collating and distribution of documents by mail or fax, and simultaneous archiving.

Connect is a complete software solution that enables companies to create customised business documents, and offers advanced printing management and distribution features. Documents created with Connect can be printed on all types of printers, archived, and emailed or faxed using a sophisticated distribution management process. Its ease of use, affordability and open architecture make it the ideal solution for companies seeking to enhance, produce and distribute variable content business documents.

Nippon Express commits to reliable tracking with Connect

The business of moving goods from supplier to customer involves many complex processes. Connect helps Nippon Express streamline their operations and achieve higher efficiency.

A global logistics provider, Nippon Express specialises in air and ocean freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution, land transportation and customs brokerage & consulting. With offices in more than 380 locations in 37 countries Nippon Express is one of the largest transportation providers in the world.

At almost every touch point across the supply chain, forms and documents keep the flow of goods and materials moving. Like most logistics providers, Nippon Express was printing those documents on matrix printers, using data coming from an IBM AS/400 and costly pre-printed forms. This infrastructure was rigid, expensive in terms of maintenance and required dedicated resources to write and program the addition of barcodes to documents, not to mention reports generation. At every touch point, documents were manually scanned, faxed or emailed to the proper recipients. Every time the forms and documents were manually handled, the potential for errors grew significantly and every intervention slowed the company’s response time.

Nippon Express decided to invest in a solution that would allow them to replace their expensive to maintain IPDS devices and matrix printers; automate fax and email document distribution; easily add barcodes based on the content of the document and optimize their processes with automation.

Nippon Express supplier presented Connect. Without affecting the IT infrastructure in place and modifying the mainframe, Connect could be integrated as an add-on, acting as an intelligent data manipulation system allowing the production of variable documents while offering advanced functionalities for conditional printing, on-site or remotely. What’s more, the company was able to automate the entire document distribution process based on simple to configure business rules. Waybills, reports or invoices are automatically printed at the right location, or sent by email or fax, with no manual intervention. Its ease of use and open architecture allowed the company to streamline their document workflow in no time!

Connect has helped Nippon Express in many ways. The company has:

  • Reduced its costs associated to the use of pre-printed forms
  • Improved document workflow efficiency with automation
  • Improved response time with automatic email & distribution
  • Enhanced its operations processes and efficiency
  • Reduced expensive maintenance costs of IPDS printers
  • Eliminated human errors associated with document distribution
  • Improved its customer service