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Connect – Optimise delivery without drastically changing the way you do business


An office furniture company

Thanks to Connect, a leading office furniture dealership eliminated paper-based processes and optimised their deliveries. The company was still working with paper not too long ago. They usually handled 300 – and sometimes an average of 600 – delivery slips a month!



Once the deliveries for the day were completed, the delivery person would bring the signed delivery slips back to the office. The slips were then checked, scanned and matched with the original orders. It was a very long and onerous process.

  • False or incomplete information
  • Lost or damaged slips
  • No real-time messages confirming delivery to the customer
  • Delayed billing


This customer wanted to go to the next level to be able to:

  • Integrate a digital solution for managing their delivery slips
  • Optimise their delivery processes
  • Provide better service to their customers



  • Now the delivery person captures the information on a standard tablet and the information is sent to the office instantaneously.
  • If there are no problems during the delivery, the slip is automatically validated and matched with the original order.
  • If a package is damaged during delivery, the slip is transferred to an employee who finds out what happened and can contact the customer right away.
  • Customers are kept posted on the status each step of the way.
  • Pictures can be added to the delivery slip making the customer feel that the company is listening when a problem occurs.