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Personalised customer communication is critical for banks if they are to remain competitive. As customers are becoming more demanding, they want a more personalised, convenient and meaningful relationship with their bank. Customers expect correspondence to be tailored to their needs in their choice of format, delivered by their chosen method of communication. Emails, SMS, online and mobile banking, as well as traditional postal communication must be precisely personalised.

Manual processes are still the mainstay of many financial institutions when it comes to communication with their customers – but they restrict staff productivity and increase the risk of error. Privacy and data management regulations are also difficult to comply with when manual processes are still used.

Investment in innovative technology and solutions is required for a bank to remain competitive. Digital tools that improve and make internal systems more efficient are essential. Employees need to be better empowered to effectively and efficiently manage increasing volumes of data to create personalised documents that are distributed through a variety of channels.

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Connect delivers a solution that assists banks and financial services companies in providing the customer experience demanded today.

Every aspect of customer communication can be made more efficient and effective for both the organisation and the customer. From the delivery of interactive statements via a preferred communication channel, through personalised promotions and reminders, to automatically printing and delivering the same documents in a variety of formats for different customers, Connect makes it all happen.

Connect works by extracting customer data from a variety of information sources and systems dispersed across an organisation, and then creating documents and delivering them to the correct person at the right time. Sitting inside the existing IT architecture of a bank or financial services company, confidential information remains secure.

The customer experience and bank competitiveness are both improved through the use of smarter internal systems. Employees are more productive when deployed where they are best able to use their skills, and this efficiency driver increases profitability. Connect assists banks in digitising the communications process, enhancing the customer experience and increasing revenue.

Business Drivers

  • The competitive difference between banks and financial institutions is the optimal use of technology.
  • The expectation of electronic communication that gives customers flexibility and control is growing.
  • Compliance policies need to be closely watched and adhered to.

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Ideal Documents

  • Member statements
  • Finance policies
  • Home loan documentation
  • Customer communications
  • Bond certificates

Benefits Of Using Connect Within Financial Services

  • Errors are reduced and time is saved through the elimination of manual handling and sorting of documents.

  • Error-free document production increases integrity and improves the customer experience.

  • Costs are saved with reduced waste, better postal discounts and improved workforce efficiency.

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Case Studies

Connect has been successfully implemented in many organisations, bringing improvements to their document management processes, enhancing customer experience and improving the bottom line.

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Connect – The UK's Trusted Business Process Automation Software site