What is Proof of Delivery?

Proof of delivery is a crucial step in a sales process in an organisation as it is directly connected to its revenue generation. Proof of delivery nearly always requires a signature on a delivery note to confirm the package has been received and accepted. This is usually done using a pre-printed document which tracks this part of the sales process. Connect effortlessly automates and optimises the whole process.

Proof of delivery documentation also assists companies in managing their logistics, enabling them to report on late deliveries or plan future deliveries better. Without this key process, invoices cannot be sent and money is lost.

Proof of delivery drives a company’s revenue. Every time a proof of delivery is lost or damaged, orders cannot be invoiced and the organisation may lose significant income.

Connect: Automate and Optimise Your Proof of Delivery Process

  • Reduce paper-based and manual processes
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks and accelerate processing
  • Improve the customer experience throughout the ordering and delivery process

Do you struggle with paper-based processes?

Paper is often the cause of many inefficiencies in processing. Every time a piece of paper is lost or damaged, orders cannot be invoiced and you lose money. Lost documents need to be reproduced and customers contacted to obtain a second signature. Companies often have to credit customers because they can’t prove the delivery or they deliver the goods a second time in order to be able to invoice.

Not enough time to do it all?

Because delivery notes need to pass through many hands before they are safely captured back into a system, the process is time-consuming and error-prone. Matching purchase orders, indexing, and data entry can take days. Scanning helps optimise the process, but the process still relies heavily on human intervention. Your employees lose time that could have been better spent on profitable activities.

Want to offer better customer service?

Customer service is the key to customer retention. When you deliver a product, it’s an opportunity to interact with your customer and make it a great experience. Show the proof of delivery on a tablet. Enable customers to change quantities and have them sign the revised document immediately. With no keying, invoicing is always accurate, meaning no complaints.

82% identified optimising their mobility as a key factor in their strategy for the year ahead.

60% of field service companies are not using automation software.

Introducing the Connect approach
to smarter Proof of Delivery

Offer real-time delivery status and improve your customer communications.
  • Order
  • Confirmation
  • Order Processing
  • Delivery Status


Create delivery notes as usual.
Print as always and they are delivered to a tablet or phone.

The driver downloads the day’s delivery notes to their device.

connect - customers

The electronic delivery notes can be posted back to ERP automatically to kick off the invoicing process immediately.



The driver captures the customer information and enhances the document.


Delivery notes are sent to an ECM system for storage, approval and workflow.

Changes In Quantities
Time / Date

System works online and offline.
No internet service?
No problem.

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Connect provides solution to help you bring speed and accuracy to manual processes. The automation possibilities are endless.

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Case Studies

Connect has been successfully implemented in many organisations, bringing improvements to their document management processes, enhancing customer experience and improving the bottom line.

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