What Is Connect?

There are many solution choices when it comes to business automation. However, Connect is the leading solution that joins all the dots in your common business processes for full business document automation. With seamless integration into existing ERP, ECM and other business technologies, Connect converts paper-based processes into powerful digital processes.

Connect brings many benefits to larger organisations that have high flows of data. Extracting information from the data and utilising the content further down the line releases hidden value. Data can be captured and extracted from any print streams and digital communications that flow from any ERP or business solution. Through innovative thinking, any information captured can be used to compose further documentation or correspondence, printed to any device or be pushed through to an existing ECM system for further processing.

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What Makes Connect Different?

We deliver the path to business transformation through innovative solutions.

Scalability in Pricing

Connect delivers a solution to any business with large flows of data. Suited to the mid to high-end business, Connect can be scaled to meet most budgets while retaining core functionality and purpose. Competitive pricing and a wide breadth of solutions make Connect an unbeatable option as the technology to transform your business automation.

Breadth of Solutions

Connect has tools that address everything from simple form printing to analysing the data within true multi-channel communications. Across the board and across all verticals, Connect enables continuous customer communication and drives innovation beyond a single point deep into the enterprise. Everyday processing of documents coming both in and out of your business becomes a valuable operation that enhances every aspect of the company internally and externally.

One System, Full Integration

Many companies use a variety of tools to individually manage different processes making communication flows complex and costly. Connect delivers an integrated suite of tools to bring true process automation to multi-channel communication that drives business. As a fully integrated solution, Connect creates a seamless document management system to manage and distribute communications throughout the multiple channels in place (print, email, web, SMS, fax).

The single Connect toolset improves business agility by freeing up resources and reducing human error. As a true printer-agnostic solution Connect can be easily integrated into existing hardware and software infrastructure, removing the need for expensive consulting services. Connect can be tailored to meet precise requirements, improving business operations and delivering a truly customised solution.

How Will Connect Work With My Current Setup?


Keep Your Systems

Business strategy and an endeavour to introduce process automation has seen companies invest in different technologies to fix certain problems. This results in a disconnected, multi-siloed document management system with many functionality gaps.

The replacement of these disconnected pieces of software with a modern ERP solution in an attempt to improve business automation is often considered. However, this route to creating an enhanced document management system is often disruptive, very expensive and time-consuming.

Connect overcomes the business automation challenges that come from legacy systems. By bridging the gaps between current systems, Connect uses the data current technology generates to create seamless communication. Reading the output data, Connect enhances, automates and digitises communications, documents and processes – allowing you to keep your existing systems, whilst enhancing the quality and flexibility of the output.

What is Connect

Non-Intrusive Approach

Resistance to change is one of the greatest challenges in an organisation when implementing a new solution. The resistance varies from a slow uptake of the technology or processes through to a complete refusal to use the new systems.

The distinctive and unique approach to implementing Connect in an organisation ensures buy-in throughout the company. By adapting to how employees work, rather than changing the way they work, Connect instils confidence from the outset. This non-intrusive approach is made possible because of the flexibility and agility of the solution. Connect has the capacity to develop a solution that matches the day to day activity of employees with minimal disruption that requires limited training.

Connect is a middleware solution and thus there is no intervention in the actual system. This keeps IT Managers and Specialists at ease by ensuring them that the integrity of their architecture remains secure.

What is Connect

Bite-sized Projects

A complete overhaul and replacement of all business systems and processes is a colossal, costly and disruptive project. Connect delivers the benefits of a complete change – however, many of the tasks and projects that are addressed, can be tackled as small bite-sized projects. The flexibility of Connect allows an organisation to start with the most important business processes, improve, automate and digitise them and take each process one at a time. This step-by-step process ensures an effective solution delivery resulting in a reliable document management system.

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Case Studies

Connect has been successfully implemented in many organisations, bringing improvements to their document management processes, enhancing customer experience and improving the bottom line.

Connect - The UK's Trusted Business Process Automation Software site

Connect – The UK's Trusted Business Process Automation Software site