All over the world, the healthcare industry, governments and consumers are continually fighting over the priorities of meeting increased demand for healthcare services and reducing the inflating costs. Increased healthcare costs can have negative connotations & be associated with top-heavy administration & expensive care for chronic conditions. However rising costs can also be the result of innovative technological developments.

Greater automation in the healthcare industry is one cost reduction initiative that delivers significant results. Improved patient administration and communication through automation and better management of medical records, data entry and correspondence greatly reduce manual intervention. This in turn leads to greater efficiencies with better control, resulting in benefits for both healthcare department and patients.

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Allowing the healthcare industry to remain at the forefront of the digital age, Connect removes manual processes and replaces them with effective, efficient and cost-saving automated processes.

Accurately capturing the correct information on patient forms, admission forms, wrist labels, health insurance forms, lab forms and other documents is vital – and Connect eliminates errors which often occur with manual document handling. With simple form generation and management, Connect automatically populates the correct fields on any form, adding intelligent barcode tracking and graphics, if required. The suite of tools from Connect ensures the personalisation of high volumes of paper and digital communications making sure it is accurately delivered within set time limits. Connect reduces document processing times and increases overall productivity.

As the world’s population ages, effective and efficient communication of health updates and medical correspondence has become critical. Using more channels with greater efficiency, to communicate more information to a wider audience, has become the norm.

Connect delivers a powerful and scalable solution for the healthcare sector. By retrieving data from a variety of different and often disconnected systems, the technology designs appropriate documents, delivers them in line with rules and distributes the information to the relevant parties via a range different digital and manual channels. These include postal mail, email, personal web portals and SMS technologies. When necessary, the document or communication is interactive, and every piece of communication is tracked and intelligently stored for ease of access.

Improved patient care is the overall objective, and by removing inefficiencies and reducing costs, this is easily achieved.

Business Drivers

  • Registration errors alone cost healthcare providers £45 billion every year.
  • It costs large hospitals £1 million each year to manage and maintain patient record databases.
  • Paper, fax machines, printers, toner etc are extremely costly.
  • Redundant information is being provided by patients during admission.
  • Ageing population has increased the need to update and improve processes and healthcare systems.
  • By 2050 80% of the world’s elderly population will be from emerging countries.


Ideal Documents

  • Admission forms
  • Wrist labels
  • Health insurance forms
  • Laboratory forms

Benefits Of Using Connect Within Healthcare

  • Improved productivity

    Automation means healthcare workers can spend more time focusing on clinical care, where their expertise is most needed and best used.

  • Improved quality and consistency

    Reduced errors in the production of documents and processing of forms leads to an improved level of patient care. Studies have proven that the automation of medical records, order entry and decision support actively reduces mortality rates, surgical and medical complications, and overall costs.

  • Reduced waste

    Migrating from manual communication to digital reduces the cost of paper and other print overheads.

  • Data-driven insights

    Technology allows greater access to more information driving improved performance and optimising operational procedures.

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Case Studies

Connect has been successfully implemented in many organisations, bringing improvements to their document management processes, enhancing customer experience and improving the bottom line.

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Connect – The UK's Trusted Business Process Automation Software site