The manufacturing industry is under considerable pressure as demand for manufactured products has declined, and many companies are focused on finding increasingly innovative ways to achieve growth.

Outdated manual document management systems used to manage everyday tasks are prevalent within this sector. These slow and inefficient processes hinder productivity, and thus the levels required for growth cannot be achieved.

Integrated mobile technology is becoming important when it comes to managing and controlling everyday business processes. Mobile friendly systems are a growing need for manufacturing teams to remain productive and it is vital for more advanced and innovative technologies to be adopted. Mobile technology allows a business to benefit from improved communication, tighter team collaboration, overall increased efficiency and faster order and invoice processing.

Adoption and implementation of automated solutions and systems in manufacturing creates agile and efficient operations. In a more efficient and automated environment, better business decisions can be made, quality control is improved, cost savings are introduced, and product consistency is attained. With greater agility and by becoming more responsive,more investment in R&D can be made making a business more competitive through the innovation of new products and services.



By automatically capturing and converting paper-based documents into useful data, Connect enhances existing business processes through automation. Connect uses intelligence and technology to create a digital ecosystem that leads to more efficient production lines.

Many transactional and other documents are manually processed and stored in current manufacturing environments. These systems are difficult to change and manage effectively. Connect solves the challenges posed by manual document management systems facilitating simple and efficient document management and generation, using information that is stored in existing ERP and other business tools. Tight integration with existing technologies means document flows can be enhanced by adding barcodes and graphics. This digital convenience eliminates errors that result from manual data changes.

The use of paper in the business is reduced, and the order-to-cash cycle is significantly improved. Connect pulls information from the output of any existing system such as ERP, LOB and CRM. This information is mined from the print stream or data file and is used further downstream in the process in any way in which it is needed. Connect automatically processes orders which are then shipped, and shipping and proof of delivery are automatically matched. Invoices are automatically produced and sent to the customer electronically or via traditional mail. Every step of the process is recorded and all documents produced are stored in the ECM systems for easy retrieval.

With automated business processes accessing business and transaction documents in seconds is possible. With this, customer and vendor experiences are enhanced. By removing inefficiencies business and current conditions are better understood and this results in ensuring there is a greater focus on business growth.

Business Drivers

  • Growth needs to be a high priority to remain competitive.
  • Cost reduction, improved performance, managing disruption and remaining compliant with contractual and regulatory obligations is necessary.
  • Improving visibility to reduce the risk of supply chain disruption and increase business performance.


Ideal Documents

  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Sales order
  • Delivery notes

Benefits Of Using Connect Within Manufacturing

  • Automation of document production

    Streamlined processes get your products to market faster.

  • Reduced operational costs

    Digital archives replace paper archives reducing spend on paper and facilitating easy retrieval of information.

  • Increased efficiency

    Fewer resources are used by replacing manual tasks with automated tasks, lost or use of incorrect information due to human error is eliminated.

  • Reduced waste

    Paper is eliminated when moving to digital and communication between departments is improved.

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Case Studies

Connect has been successfully implemented in many organisations, bringing improvements to their document management processes, enhancing customer experience and improving the bottom line.

Connect - The UK's Trusted Business Process Automation Software site

Connect – The UK's Trusted Business Process Automation Software site